For a long time, science and business were viewed as two separate entities. Scientists were thought of as people who were devoted to advancing knowledge, whereas business professionals were responsible for transforming research into new products and services. But more emphasis is being placed on connecting these two fields to encourage innovation.

This is especially applicable to scientific fields such as medicine, where the capacity to make sound decisions under stress is essential for success. However, it is also what is physics true in more applied fields like engineering, agronomy and computer science. In the latter, a high level of mastery of problem-solving skills and the ability to think through alternative solutions could determine the success or failure of an enterprise.

The scientific method is also widely regarded as the best approach for companies. This is why it is essential to commit to testing and iterating to get the desired results. A thorough understanding of risk and uncertainty is also essential.

There are some commonalities between business and science, however there are also many differences. For instance, while business talks about sustainable profits, science concentrates on sustainability in terms of resource use. The desire for profit may result in the over-exploitation of a resource which could lead to its eventual exhaustion.

Both jobs require hard work and dedication. If you’ve got the right attitude the rewards could be awe-inspiring.

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