Innovo Staffing provides a full range of staffing solutions.


An obvious advantage of using temps is their flexibility. You can bring them in with little lead time, then stop using them right away as your need for extra workers subsides. Here are some other positives:

  1. Relieves your existing staff from being over-burdened and burned out.
  2. Temps can be brought in to do specialized work or fill in the existing gaps.
  3. Enables you to meet project deadlines and handle extraordinary business demands, thereby increasing your bottom line.
  4. Since the staffing agency is the actual employer, you don’t necessarily have to increase headcount in order to employ more workers on occasion.
  5. If you are impressed with the temp’s performance, there may be an opportunity to hire them on a permanent basis (this is an arrangement you would have to negotiate with the agency that represents them).
  6. If you have plans to hire a permanent staff member, you may look into bringing them on temp basis to test their work, performance and skills.

At Innvo Staffing, we need a detailed Job Description along with any expectations you have from the temporary employee. The result is better productivity.

We ease your temp into their role, ensure that you assign someone who’ll be responsible for the temp’s experience at your workplace. Have your assigned employee show the temp around, familiarize them with their equipment, and explain procedures. This employee should also outline specific expectations and be available to answer questions.

We have a significant pool of candidate database for the below positions:

  1. General labor, skilled workers
  2. Machine Operators
  3. Painters
  4. Production Workers
  5. Drivers (Small Vehicle to Large Trucks)
  6. Food handlers
  7. Retail
  8. Skilled trade


Innvo Staffing is an expert contract staffing company, specializing in low and high skilled contractors. Our teams have mobilized significant number of contractors in Ontario and Montreal.

Clients can either deploy an employee through us and we provide the payroll, mandatory safety training and HR support to the employee. If you require assistance in finding a candidate, Innovo’s recruitment team can provide you with candidate options to consider for the role.



Regardless of the industry you are in, there will be instances where extra hands are needed during the peak time of business. Bringing in a temporary employee, will be the quickest and easiest solution for you. They can fill the gap effectively and efficiently, without the burden of long-term commitments and provides companies a great degree of flexibility.

You are no longer limited in the roles you can fill with a temporary employee as you were a few years ago. The need and preference to work on temporary roles has become very popular with both individuals and firms. You can find temps to do accounting tasks sales functions, administrative tasks, deliveries, handling couriers, general labor work or any kind that fills the gap of your workload.

The work landscape is very dynamic in nature and the employers must be ready for any unforeseen changes that may come such as employees going on leave – may it be vacation or maternity, during special projects, seasonal periods or even when the company faces a surge in business.

An additional benefit of utilizing temporary staff is you can evaluate the employee’s skills and expertise before committing to a long-term contract. This is known as “try before you hire”.


Our recruitment service helps companies find top talent within their Industry. Innvo Staffing maintains a leading position in the region with a large internal database of screened candidates. In addition, we use the large Job Portals to meet the requirements our client and tailor make the solution where they can take advantage of our flexibility, quicker turnaround, and reliable candidates.

Our experienced recruiters screen, interview, and shortlist suitable candidates for you to Interview. We support you during the process including any negotiations with the selected candidate. As we do not charge any fees to candidates, Innvo Staffing represents the employer’s requirements to any potential candidates.